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How do hidden assets affect property division?

When you and your spouse decided to divorce, you might have assumed you would both treat the process with honesty and transparency. Your spouse, though, may be playing hardball and is trying to win your divorce by all possible means. You may suspect that they are hiding assets, which - if they managed your household's finances - they think you will have difficulty finding. By knowing how to locate these, you can make sure you receive the share of marital property you are entitled to.

The potential benefits of divorce mediation

No divorce is the same. While all divorces are initiated because at least one spouse is dissatisfied with their marriage, the process of divorce and the emotions involved can vary greatly. While it is possible to go through an amicable divorce that brings about healing and positive fresh starts, many people, unfortunately, have very negative experiences and go through times of stress, anger and resentment.

If you are determined to reduce stress in the divorce process as much as possible and remain on good terms with your ex for the sake of the children you share, you may want to consider divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a process where a third-party mediator facilitates the resolution of issues surrounding divorces such as child custody arrangements and the division of assets. The following is an overview of the benefits of divorce mediation.

4 child-related matters to mediate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse

Now that you have decided to divorce your spouse, your children and their future are likely your primary concerns. Leaving all child-related matters to a judge may not be a good idea, though. After all, you may have little control over what a judge decides is best for the young ones in your family.

If you can reach an acceptable agreement with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, a judge is likely to defer to your bargain. While using mediation to negotiate legal and physical custody often makes a great deal of sense, you may want to tackle a few other important child-related matters. Here are four of them.

Mediation, a parenting plan and your child's future

Divorce is hard on children, especially when it takes place in a public courtroom where the judge makes decisions that will affect every member of the family.

On the other hand, mediation puts parents rather than a judge in control of creating a workable parenting plan and deciding the most favorable approaches for the children’s future.

Your business will take center stage in the divorce process

For many divorcing couples, the family home is the number one asset in terms of property division. However, if you are a business owner, your company will likely take that spot.

Here are three basic options to consider in determining the fate of your business.

3 ways to cut costs during divorce

Adjusting to your new life in the wake of a divorce often proves difficult enough, but adjusting to that new life when you are also struggling to keep up with your finances may prove even more problematic. In some cases, divorcing parties fight over every last asset or matter. Doing so has the potential to make divorce-related expenses spike considerably.

The good news is, Forbes reports that not all divorces cost an arm and a leg. There are a number of tactics that you may employ to reduce how much your divorce ultimately costs you. If you are looking to disentangle your life from your spouse's without going broke in the process, consider:

Does infidelity matter in Nevada divorces?

Cheating on a spouse is one of the most common explanations for a divorce. One recent study found that 20% of men and 13% of women admitted to cheating on their spouse at some point during the marriage. 

It is natural to want to divorce a spouse after discovering infidelity. Some people may even think they can get more alimony if they prove a spouse cheated on them. However, the truth of the matter is that affairs have a minimal impact on divorce proceedings, and they may not even matter at all. 

How to manage your finances after a divorce

Nevada has one of the highest divorce rates in the United States. According to data collected in 2018, if you live in Yerington, Carlin or Fallon, then you may have an increased risk of divorcing, as those cities have the highest rates in the state. 

Going through the divorce process is tumultuous, and you may think you are in the clear once the dust has settled. However, you still have work to do. Once you are officially no longer married to someone, there are some financial matters to attend to. Taking care of these as soon as possible helps tremendously in the long run. 

Parenting plans during mediation

Division of assets can create a lot of tension in divorce proceedings, but nothing is quite as heated as disagreements over parenting. Up until now, you and your spouse have raised your kids as a team. Now that the separation is underway, you will have to divide.

If you decide to use a mediator, one crucial task you will likely need to complete is a parenting plan. It is an important step to ensure your children have a positive future.



With so many factors to consider, we understand that you have questions about the challenges ahead and the options available. We are here to answer any questions you may have about divorce and other family law matters. We have been representing clients throughout the greater Las Vegas area for over two decades, our Henderson family law attorneys are ready to provide you with the open and honest family law counsel you need to move forward with your life. Contact us today to find out more.

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