3 FAQs On Divorce Mediation

Marriage, it's often said, is about love (or at least it's supposed to be), whereas divorce is about money. Or, more precisely, divorce is about money and, if you have kids, creating new custody and parenting time arrangements.

The traditional approach to deciding these issues tends to pit spouses against each other. But as you may have heard, there are other ways besides court-driven litigation for couples to resolve the issues, using alternative approaches such as mediation or collaborative law.

At the Nevada law firm of Radford J. Smith, Chartered, in the Las Vegas area, our attorneys can help you choose an approach that makes sense for your situation. Here are some basic questions and general answers to help you get started.

What is the main difference between traditional litigation and mediation in resolving issues in a divorce?

Traditional litigation is based on an adversarial model and is handled through the court. Mediation, by contrast, allows the parties to maintain more control over the divorce process and seek to minimize conflict.

Is divorce mediation the same thing as collaborative divorce?

Not exactly. Like divorce mediation, collaborative divorce is an alternative to traditional litigation as a way of resolving divorce issues.

With collaborative divorce, however, there is a team of professionals involved, including not only attorneys but also financial advisers and mental health counselors. Mediation of divorce issues generally does not require this type of multidisciplinary team.

Can using mediation or collaborative divorce rather than traditional litigation be more efficient, in terms of minimizing fees?

Yes. The greatest advantage, however, may be in promoting better long-term relationships by reducing conflict and working to find common ground throughout the divorce process.

Taking Action

In short, there may be some very good reasons why mediation or collaborative divorce would make sense for you. Give us call at 702-583-6867 to learn more about our lawyers we can help. Or, if you prefer, complete the online form.